Moi University: worst website in the universe!


The Moi University website must be the least resourceful and most poorly designed website of all the public universities in the country. Except for the little JavaScript in the index.htm, the website is nothing but a bunch of poorly designed, occasionally updated html files dumped in a server.
The most important things to point out ar the following:
1.Not database driven:
For some reason, Moi University hosts its “website” in a remote server that belongs to some university in Netherlands. Apparently, the server doesn’t allow them to run their own databases. How in the name of the 21st does a who;e university run a website that only consists of static html pages. I mean come on!
2. No E-learning
Moi University is an institution tha is trying to get ISO certified and heir only excuse for an e-learning network is a non-customized moodle platform that runs only on their internal sever ithin the administration block. I don’t know but I think that an e-learning network would be more importa to the students and the lecturers than the management suits of the school.
3. Unresourceful
The university has mortan 5 schools, abot a hundred departments and morethen ,3000 students. It must be an active institution, except you can’t tell that from their website. There is no online application for prospective students etcetra. There is no in depth knowledge of the courses in the school or even information on research undertakings.
4. “Web0.0”
The website doesn’t use any social media to elp one share the content across the web. But that’s okay, there is not much interesting content anyway.
This website is shows us that Moi University is fairly good factory of engineering personnel that has nothing to show for it.


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