A going online guide for start-up and existing online businesses


Now that the fiber optic cable has made its way to Kenya, the question on every inquisitive mind is, what now? Those with the skill or financial backing are already rushing their content and internet applications online trying to be the next big thing or just give surfers a breakdown of their products and establish new ground in consumer base.

Well, not every one has the money to hire a freelance web or mobile programmer to do their internet applications, or the know-how of what is involved, how to get swarming internet users on their site or how to make money out of their ideas. That’s where The StartUp Bible comes in.

Whether you are a web expert with all the money in the world, or an internet dummy without a coin, TBS gives you an insight of how to take your products online as long as you have the will and/or the idea of what you want.

We start with a basic introduction to what the internet is and how it works. We progressively shift to the new platform of web2.0 and check out the difference between it and the traditional web. We then enter Open Source. TBS shows you how to choose the best CMS, their capabilities and more. If you want to blog about your company, start a diary or a magazine, there are softwares out there to help you make it happen. Whats more? You don’t have to spend a thing. And with the right amount of traffic, you might actually earn from it. However, sometimes, a domain name and a hosted website is better. You build a better trust with your customers, have legal rights to it and even run applications you have made by yourself. Find out the best ISPs in country, what they have to offer and what else is out there.

The trend of browsing has been a plummeting number of mobile users. Just what is a mobile website, and how do you create one.

Finally, an online business is not good enough without the right entrepreneurial training. Find out how to become a successful one and create buzz all over cyberspace.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction to the Internet
2.Exit web1.0, enter social media
3.Open Source web design software
4.Choosing the Best CMS
5. Free website with webs.com
6.Creating a free social network online
7.Startup with cash
8. Webmaster guide

  • Writing quality content
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • How to increase traffic
  • Google adsense review- making money online


  • Who is an entrepreneur
  • A sample business plan
  • Dumb online biz ideas that made it big
  • Grant fund for techprenuers

10.Breakdown of a mobile website
11.The facebook story

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