The role of the media on local content promotion


In the race to become more popular and to make money the media has broken all the limits it must follow while serving to build a healthy and progressive society.The media should be the major players in promotion of local content.

When violence erupted in Kenya after the 2007 general elections, half the time the media was blamed for propagating, and fueling the mutiny by increasing anger and negative emotion to people. Well, you can’t say the media was responsible for the PEV, but they played a major role in making sure it didn’t stop as soon as it started. My point? Well, the media is probably the most powerful force in today’s technology based community. Whether its good, bad or ugly the media will put it out there, as fast as it can, and through to the most locations possible.While its a good thing, the media should always strive to use its command for audience to do what in the end will be in the best intrest of its followers.

Speaking of followers, its sad how you hear the twitter hype on local stations, so much such that someone who creates a microblogging product like it would have no shot at getting Kenyan users. And its not a possibility that has just crossed my mind. There are already microblogging services by Kenyans out there. And you wouldn’t know anything about them. Because all you hear about is “…and you can also follow us on twitter @…. or visit our facebook page by searching….” I mean come on! We know how much useful or powerful facebook is. But hasn’t it got enough hype just yet? At least we don’t need to hear about it from Kenyan media stations. What about iborian? Iborian for example is in its own right a powerful social networking tool. Save for the inability for users to add applications, iborian has got almost everything facebook has. And mashada is probably the most powerful place for forums you will find out there.

Let alone, social networking, there are powerful applications on the internet and locally built software that only needs the right people in the media houses to make Kenya the next India. Try Chasys for example, a design software that is so good when I discovered it i stopped using Adobe for my day to day designs. And who created it? I guy I went to school with.If that guy gets media attention, he could be well off in a fortnight.

< How about a reality show where guys compete for a certain prize? How about  a weekly web or software review show?


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