There is a robot presenter on Kiss TV!(TV2.0?)


You have probably requested for a song to be played on radio or tv before. And your song may not have been played because there were too many requests on line or the DJ had his/her own idea of what the play-list should look like. Well, Kiss TV TVR(Total video request) changes that. Imagine using your mobile phone as a TV remote and watching its effect live on your TV screen!

This is probably the most interactive TV song request show on the planet. Here is how it works:


You dial 0711088888(not some highly priced premium call line) then you are notified of your position on the queue of the guys already waiting. Its not a very popular show so you should get less than 20 people waiting. Every time someone selects a song or gets disconnected, you move one step closer to number one and you get notified. As you wait on the line, you hear the current song playing on your phone as you watch it on TV!

When you get to number 1, you’ll see the categories of the available songs on a small window on TV. You select a category by entering the codename of the category that is written beside it. To go to the next page or previous page you press * or # respectively. After selecting the song you want, you dial the short code and that’s it. Then instantly, you’ll see on your TV screen your song being added on the playlist and the play time shown. For example: Will you be there Play time 01:23. When the time comes, it automatically plays.

This is a completely autonomous system and a brilliant use of technology. Way to go Kiss Team. However, it is not a very interactive show, as you don’t actually get to talk to the presenters.  Maybe they should also introduce a chat interface like in EATV so that viewers can at least talk to each other.

If there is such thing as TV2.0, this is it. And Kiss Media are the first guys in Africa to implement the technology. Keep it up!


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