Beyond Web 2.0(partI): Introduction


The last 5 years has seen the growth of social media,
user generated content and revolution of hardware
made with web2.0 in mind. It has been the era of
facebook, twitter, youtube just to name a few. In the
hardware scene it has been the era of the iPhone, and the introduction of the Nexus One ,the iPad among others.
Internet applications that used to be developed for use
on the web now come in varieties, with other versions
being device specific. Some applications are created with
open APIs to support third party embedded platforms.
Such that, millions of anonymous users from different
corners of cyberspace can add their applications on top
of existing popular networks. On facebook, a
programmer can create for instance an online store
such that existing users of facebook can access it using
their facebook login information and they can buy stuff
from the store while on facebook. And users of social
networks can update their status on almost all
applications they use by doing so in only one of them.
For example, by updating my tweetdeck status, I
automatically update facebook, foursquare and twitter.
As applications leave the desktop and rush for the
clouds, major companies engage in corporate battles to
win the markets and the hearts of developers with the
runtimes of their choice; with aguments supporting html5 as an improvement of ajax against the popular media platform, flash. The definition of social media is changing by the minute.
And even as the mainstream, social network teams are
lost in streaming texts and media in 2D, other not so
popular firms are working on platforms of higher
dimensions; platforms that may as well be the
mainstream of the near future social networking.


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