Emailing: the proffessional way


It is imperative for any corporate or proffesional to have
a company email address. But then again, webmail has
proved not to be very “2.0ish”. There are very
many both paid and free email service providers out
there that provide out of the box technologies to
supplement and enhance the use of email. Anyone would
be spoilt for choice. Plus, snartphones and other high end
ordinary phones have an inbuilt email support.

It ’s a common, but highly unprofessional habit, to
list somewhere on your website or your business card
that your email address is for example somecompany@ or It is well known that
gmail is the most highly rated email provider. So how do
you login only to gmail to send and receive email, yet
list your public email address as ,
and receive all your email on your device without
logging on your PC or using Opera Mini etcetra? Here is

Step 1: Setting up Gmail
Create a
gmail account if you don ’t already have one.
Go to
Click on accounts
Go to add another
email address
On name fill the name you want to
appear to the person you send an email to On email
address, fill in your company email address
reply to section is optional. I suggest you leave it blank
unless you know what you are doing.
Save changes.

After this you will receive a verification email from
gmail on your webmail address requesting your company
email to allow gmail to send emails using its identity.
You will need to confirm it.
After clicking the
confirmation email come back to gmail >settings>accounts.
Set the added email address as the default.
Click Fowarding and POP/IMAP
Go to POP download and
select “enable POP for mail that arrives from now
on”. And save changes.

Step2 : Forward
emails from webmail

Log in to cPanel(or ask the
IT guy). Forward all emails received to your account to
go to your gmail address.

Step3 : Setup
device for POP Access

Go to the email settings on
your phone
Create a new account
Fill in the
settings as follows
Email: Full email address eg
Display name: username eg
Username: Full email address eg
Password: Your password
Outgoing Server:

Then for Outgoing mail
settings, fill as follows
Outgoing port: 465
Security: SSL/TLS
Aunthetication: On
For incoming
mail settings
Incoming port: 995
Security: SSL/
For internet settings choose your default settings,
they must be working of course.

Well, now you
are ready to enjoy email at its best. You can list your
email address on the website as
When people contact you via that, it is automatically
fowarded to your gmail account which you can than read
on your phone. Then when you send an email from your
device(from your gmail account), the recipient will be
told that the email is coming from your webmail
For any problems, contact me on info@


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