what’s in a good web


A lot has changed in the way web design is done over the years. But the basic need for a website remains the same: an automated representative of the company that is available to anyone anywhere.
How do you make use of the available technologies well and deliver great content in the best fomart for a 21st century web visitor? What’s in a good web? 1. Content
This is what brings the user to your site. Thus it has to count. It has to be unique enough for them to appreciate it. It must be original, well written and useful at the time.
The content also needs to be well organized. If the content is articles for example, they need to be categorized according to subject, and the list of categories put somewhere that is easy to reach. Tags can also be used so that site visitors will easily find articles in various categories that cover a common topic.
Articles should be easy to read. Mind font size, style, color and background color. No matter how colorfull you want your site to be, make sure that the text stands out against the background.
Coming to pictures. Pictures are a great way to make a site look attractive and probably emphasise on a topic. But unless they are well used, they might make the site repulsive instead.
The pictures must be well designed, and made transparent if possible. Always use alternate text to be displayed if the picture is not. Sometimes pictures fail to load on a slow network or the web visitor might intentionaly deactivate them to reduce data usage and costs. It would be best if they knew what picture was there. Mind the dimensions of the picture in relation to the web page. Make sure the picture is as light as it can get. 20kb should do. Relevance of the picture to the site content is important. Do not just embed any picture to a web page because you like it.
If you are going to add video content to your site, mind the dimensions and make sure it is as small as it can get without spoiling the experience. Always add control buttons like play, pause, stop and volume so that the user can use it conveniently. 2. Layout and Design
The last thing a web visitor wants is web pages of a site that look different. It is distracting. Always make sure the web pages look the same. To accomplish this, use same footer, header and sidebars.
Every site must have a graphic logo or name and slogan in distinct font somewhere on the header.
The color scheme of the whole website must be mainly the major brand colors of your company, consistent with the logo.
The front page should have something new everyday so that recurrent visitors dont get bored.
It is good to make the website flashy, but simplicity will always be king. So don’t try too hard.
Instead of listing your email on the ‘contant us’ page, have a form that users can fill out and submit. That way, you’ll be cutting on spam and making it convenient for them. Listing the email should only be secndary. Even so, you could use a picture of the email or replace @ with (at) to hide it from robots.

To avoid coding a page every time you need to add news the website should have a secure admin section. This enables the administrator to add, edit or delete any site content.

In these times, a website is not complete without its mobile version. This is because there are already as many internet users who use PC as there are those who use mobile phones. A mobile phone does not display a website well unless it is designed for it.

3. User tools
This is the age of social media, where content on a given website can be spread across the web to millions. There are tools out there that you can embedd on your site to make that possible. For example the facebook ‘like’ button, the addthis ‘share’ button and the twitter ‘tweet this’ button.

4. Webmaster tools
As a webmaster there are tools you can have to make your work better. Such tools ,some available on the cPanel, include: IP address blocker, email manager, script installers, file manager, database manager, statistics etc

5. Domain and Hosting
Choosing the right domain name is almost as important as having the website itself. If its a good name then chances are someone already has taken it. But there are always options of using other extensions like .org, .info, .biz etcetra The name needs to be simple, catchy but must contain the business name.

Make sure your hosting package comes with enough space and bandwitdh. Plus they need to provide you with a secure admin panel to manage the website.

So in a nutshell what’s in a good web? Quality, fresh content, simple stylish, consistent design, mobile version, embedded social media and an administrator panel for easy management.


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