The number theory(part1)


I wait to see the day 1+1 will be equal to 0.99 or 2.1. And am not talking about dilation in relativity in which case the rule still applies in one’s own reference frame anyway. Whether it’s moving something by one’s mind or making a blind man see, it has to have a scientific explanation. If it doesn’t then it never happened. At least not in this universe!
All equations in the universe are connected. It’s cause and effect. That 1+1 =2 makes 2+2 =4. If you dig deep enough into mathematics you stumble into the world of chaos. The metaphor behind branding the theory it’s name is another concept called the Butterfly effect. According to it, a butterfly flapping its wings in say Manhattan could cause storms in New York. In my perception, if one miracle ever happened, one miracle that would render science or the laws of the universe redundant, the whole universe would turn chaotic and even cease to exist!The moon would tumble in its orbit and crush on earth, the oceans would boil at 19 degrees Celsius, human heads will explode for the fun of it, the sky will turn green and all sorts of semantic errors will follow.
Then there is the inborn fear and sometimes not well crafted “ethical issues” implanted in the human mind. The fear that made the Catholic church arrest Galileo in the 17th century for his scientifically proven claim that the earth goes round the sun. The same fear makes us feel special and oppose the highly likely existence of aliens and also make us scared of accepting the possibilities of artificial intelligence and human cloning. It is this fear that makes us bury our heads deep in religion as we sway from the very basic principle of the universe itself: The Number Theory.


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