Saudi Arabia now allows Women to vote. Enough?


It’s 2011 and the biggest news from Asia today is that women in Saudi Arabia are now allowed to vote and run for municipal seats. Now this might be very surprising to people who are not living in Islam ruled countries. But as strange it may seem Saudi Arabia which is governed under strict Sunni Islamic Law has some rather – for lack of a more precise expression – ass-backward rules. Until now women were not allowed to vote or participate in municipal elections. But they are still not allowed to drive or leave the country unaccompanied among other things that echo the chauvinism of an archaic past.

The move by the Saudi Arabia leader, King Abdullah has been applauded across the globe by rights movements. But it’s a shame that some parts of the world still actively discriminate against women and have set laws that implement treating women as lesser humans.

Discrimination against certain members has never produced positive results in the overall growth and well being of a society. Now more than ever before we need to focus on problems that affect humans all over like global warming, poverty, diseases and others. The right environment must be created for everyone to participate in finding solutions and making the world a better place.


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