About Me



My name is Nick Hargreaves, born January, 17th 1987.

Other than my love for tigers, I also share the same birthday with Mike Tyson. On the same date was also born Benjamin Franklin one of the founding fathers of America and a great scientist. I consider myself to be an unconventional scientist or something of the sort.


  • Watching F1,  MotoGP
  • Playing Chess
  • Reading and writing
  • Listening to music – classical, opera, new age, trance and ambient. My favorite composers and artists include: Chopin, Beethoven, Yanni, Enya, Maria Callas, Kitaro, Karl Jenkins, Sissel, The Green Children etc. It’s a very long list 🙂
  • Watching sci-fi : according to me the best movie of all time is the Matrix trilogy. I have watched it over 10 times already. I also haven’t missed an episode of Fringe or Eureka since they went into production.
  • Programming and building cool stuff.

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