1. In the Beginning

– Please note I wrote this booklet when I was agnostic. Am currently an atheist thus my philosophical perspective of creation has changed –

Download the book by clicking here

Chapter 1
This chapter is about the theory of the beginning of the universe. It tries to argue the possibility of the universe having been created by God and why humans have gone into modeling their own creation theory: the Big Bang theory. The basics, history and physics of the Big Bang are well covered plus, the prebang problem has been attempted by inducing the inflationary universe theories in the epoch of inflation.
It also discusses the new areas brought about by the epoch of inflation like the concept of parallel universes and creation of matter.
The scientific argument of basing explanations on figures and physical laws, a point needed to justify the rest of the topics, is introduced here with descriptive analogies.
Chapter 2
This section covers the universe-shaping activities that followed the Big Bang. It begins by investigating the two prominent theories on the formation of galaxies; monolithic and hierarchical theories. The formation of galaxies is introduced by a brief look at galaxies; their properties, sizes, shapes, and population.
Stellar formation is covered in the next section. It also begins with a brief look at stars. The section also looks at possible fates of stars i.e. what becomes of stars that die and become red giants, white dwarfs, black dwarfs and blackholes.
The last section is about the standard formation theory of planetary systems, taking a special focus on the solar system. It ends with the discovery of extrasolar systems that have made it inexorable to review our ‘perfect theory’ (the solar nebula hypothesis).


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