1. info160

Info160 aims at making information free and accessible to all especially people in developing countries where mobile phones have a high penetration rate but Internet speeds are still low and connectivity fees still not favorable to everyone. Such information can include breaking news, market prices, MDG facts, public awareness announcements and others for entertainment like quotes, jokes etc.
All subscriptions are free of charge. Each SMS that a user receives is appended by a location based advert that is paid for by an advertiser. Such an advert can be something as location sensitive as an offer at the supermarket next door. Advertising will also start at a low enough rate to be affordable to small scale farmers with low income levels.

2. mobiTourist – Kenyan android tour app


2. RoboCar
A system that uses artificial intelligence to activate vehicle features and for security. For you can use a secret word to send an sms to the police in case you have been hijacked.
–you may ask for the source code to play around with it–
3. Nemesis –
n image recognition system that uses bacteria photos as input to identify the disease and give a voice output to the nurse as diagnosis.
–source code will soon be available for download—


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